Desiring Heaven



Love, Joy, Patience, Peace Is Found In …

Today God graced me with such a wonderful revelation!! I have discovered the key my friends!! The key to love, to joy, to peace, to patience. It's all so simple and yet I have never looked at it in this way before. Are you ready for it?? The answer to those virtues is....

Building the Perfect Friendship

What is Heaven? Eternity with Christ. Union with Him for all of time. Time with Christ for eternity! Like seriously, Heaven is like a hangout with your best friend FOREVER!! How cool is that? Sounds amazing! Well if He's your best friend that is... Is He?

Why You Are Here Today

My Dearest One, You were made for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). I never makes mistakes. Instead, I saw a need and created you. I placed you here in THIS moment, this era for a purpose (1 Peter 2:9). You have a gift my child. Virtues and talents I have bestowed upon you to use for my glory (1 Peter 4:10). How will you use them?

6 Things I’m Grateful For Today

How good God is! Even in the midst of sin and struggle He has the power to make good come out of it. He doesn't make bad things happen. It's our sin and free will that do that. But He is more powerful than sin and can make good come out of it if we let Him. In reflecting on all the "things" that are happening lately, I've come to see the blessings coming out of it. Not that I'm glad for the hardships, but I am grateful for these six blessings that give purpose to the struggle.

Six Ways I Cope With Stress

Aggg!!! Stress!! The sleep-eating, face-breakout, sugar-consuming, head-throbbing monster! Yup, I have met it all too many times. Quite great acquaintances actually... 😉 Yet, not the best relationship here. So for everyone out there who's in the same boat as me and can relate (I'm sure I'm not alone) I thought I'd share six ways that I cope with stress. Maybe they can help you and if you have any other ways I didn't address, I'd love to hear!!

What to Do Before Your Time Burns Up

"Time.  Time.  Never enough time."  That is always my excuse.  "Always too busy and never enough time." Why?  Why are there never enough hours in the day for me? There has always been 24 hours in the day.  Countless men... Continue Reading →

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