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2020 Lenten Lessons

Story time!! The first few days of Lent were hard for me. I wasn't used to the drastic change of routine and from the get go I was counting the days till Easter. By day three (yes, day THREE of lent) I felt like a wreck and was questioning whether I put too much on myself for Lent. What was I to do?

What to Replace Our Fasting With

Day 8 and counting! Has anyone else done that? I think I've done it every day. I know haha. Lent has just begun. But am already SO excited for Easter!! How is it going for you? Has it been hard? Or do you hate to admit that Lent came so fast and life is so busy, you've hardly had a chance to even think about Lent?

The Hidden Work of Our Valiant Priests

Being a priest in the Catholic Church seems like a pretty easy job right?  They only have to say Mass on Saturday and Sunday and say Confession for an hour before Mass.  Doesn't sound that hard and strenuous.  Okay, if... Continue Reading →

The Lie of Me Before You | Movie Review

Me Before You came out just this past weekend and it is getting lots of attention.  People are saying it's the best romance movie of the summer and many teen girls I'm sure will fall in love with it.  But... Continue Reading →

Living Life to the Full

Jesus has risen!  Alleluia!!  The stone over the tomb is broken and the gates of Heaven are open!!  No more death or sadness.  Because of Jesus' Resurrection we now have joy and life within us.  And of course I'm also... Continue Reading →

Love’s Forgotten Meaning

Love.  Probably the most overused word in the English language.  We use it for everything.  "I love this cookie."  "I love my phone." "I love my boyfriend/girlfriend."  "I love Jesus."  We use it so much that it has lost its... Continue Reading →

A Week of Silence and Sacrifice

We have now entered holy week and your probably counting down the days until Easter.  I am.  And dreading the fast on Good Friday.  I hear ya.  We long for happiness and life.  No one enjoys pain.  That is why... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Visit the Imprisoned | Year of Mercy

"Go into a jail cell and talk with a criminal?  Cool!"  LOL!  Sorry not what I mean.  People in prison need prayers and their families need help, but leave that work to others.  God is still calling you to perform... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Shelter the Homeless | Year of Mercy

"So as a teenager, I don't really think my parents would give me the authority to just bring a stranger off the street into our home.  So I can't do this right?"  Well not exactly. There are other ways and... Continue Reading →

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