Desiring Heaven



A Dangerous Prayer… Patience

If you have ever prayed for patience, I'm sure you know how dangerous of a prayer it can be. The results are destined to put you in a traffic jam or run you into a difficult person. Think it is God's favorite prayer to answer... The enjoyment found giving us opportunities to grow in patience... JK. 😉

Love, Joy, Patience, Peace Is Found In …

Today God graced me with such a wonderful revelation!! I have discovered the key my friends!! The key to love, to joy, to peace, to patience. It's all so simple and yet I have never looked at it in this way before. Are you ready for it?? The answer to those virtues is....

Building the Perfect Friendship

What is Heaven? Eternity with Christ. Union with Him for all of time. Time with Christ for eternity! Like seriously, Heaven is like a hangout with your best friend FOREVER!! How cool is that? Sounds amazing! Well if He's your best friend that is... Is He?

My Testimony in a Podcast

Hello dear friends!! Last week I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on the Vitamin J podcast!! This is a podcast put on by a group of Catholic highschoolers to reach out to more teens and share their faith and love for Christ.

A Prayer of Trust | Psalm 23

This past Sunday the psalm was one I've heard a hundred times. The Lord is My Shepherd, Psalm 23, is one of the most well known psalms, yet it touched me in a whole new way. Amidst the trials of this life, this is the most beautiful prayer we could pray, filled with trust, hope, and love. And I was inspired to write a prayer based off of it. Hope you can pray it with your whole heart and it will bring you comfort and hope with whatever you are going through.

What to Replace Our Fasting With

Day 8 and counting! Has anyone else done that? I think I've done it every day. I know haha. Lent has just begun. But am already SO excited for Easter!! How is it going for you? Has it been hard? Or do you hate to admit that Lent came so fast and life is so busy, you've hardly had a chance to even think about Lent?

Six Ways I Cope With Stress

Aggg!!! Stress!! The sleep-eating, face-breakout, sugar-consuming, head-throbbing monster! Yup, I have met it all too many times. Quite great acquaintances actually... 😉 Yet, not the best relationship here. So for everyone out there who's in the same boat as me and can relate (I'm sure I'm not alone) I thought I'd share six ways that I cope with stress. Maybe they can help you and if you have any other ways I didn't address, I'd love to hear!!

How to Transform Your Daily Life

I just finished listening to this video and had to share it. It is simple yet powerful in its message. I'm inspired to follow the advice it gives and I'm convinced if I do I could positively transform my daily life.

The Best Songs to Listen To

Ever since a young age, singing and music has been my life for as long as I can remember. I've taken lessons, performed in musicals, participated in choir and lead worship at Mass. Six years old and I was writing songs for the camera (that I'm still teased for to this day 😉 )
But what are my favorite songs?

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