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Spiritual Work of Mercy: Forgive Offenses Willingly | Year of Mercy

We have all been hurt by someone in some way or another.  It may have been purposefully or accidentally, big or little, physical or emotional, or from friends or enemies.  I've been hurt.  I'm sure you have been hurt.  This... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Work of Mercy: Comfort the Afflicted | Year of Mercy

Ever have those days when you feel alone or unloved and could use a hug from a friend.  I have many times.  We need the support of friends and family to survive in this hard life.  We are living the... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Bury the Dead | Year of Mercy

"I don't think that is really my job at a funeral.  Besides creepy!"  The human body is important and Jesus wants us to respect it by burying the dead.  You don't have to be the gravedigger, but there are others... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Visit the Imprisoned | Year of Mercy

"Go into a jail cell and talk with a criminal?  Cool!"  LOL!  Sorry not what I mean.  People in prison need prayers and their families need help, but leave that work to others.  God is still calling you to perform... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Shelter the Homeless | Year of Mercy

"So as a teenager, I don't really think my parents would give me the authority to just bring a stranger off the street into our home.  So I can't do this right?"  Well not exactly. There are other ways and... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Visit the Sick | Year of Mercy

Don't you feel so loved when someone goes out of their way to care for you when you are sick or hurt?  Each person is important and needs love.  They need to know that God still loves them through the... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Clothe the Naked | Year of Mercy

"Oh, so you mean go to India and become another Mother Teresa?"  If God is calling you, GREAT!  But I don't think you can ditch school quite yet.  There are still so many people who need to be clothed though. ... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Give Drink to the Thirsty | Year of Mercy

"Hey I'm thirsty many times throughout the day so whenever I give myself a drink that counts right?"  Countless times you have been thirsty, but a drink of water has always been easily accessible.  Whether you just walk across the... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Feed the Hungry | Year of Mercy

Have you ever been hungry?  So hungry because you haven't eaten in three days?  There are millions of people around the world who don't know where their next meal is going to come from.  They spend each moment just trying... Continue Reading →

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