Desiring Heaven



A Dangerous Prayer… Patience

If you have ever prayed for patience, I'm sure you know how dangerous of a prayer it can be. The results are destined to put you in a traffic jam or run you into a difficult person. Think it is God's favorite prayer to answer... The enjoyment found giving us opportunities to grow in patience... JK. 😉

Love, Joy, Patience, Peace Is Found In …

Today God graced me with such a wonderful revelation!! I have discovered the key my friends!! The key to love, to joy, to peace, to patience. It's all so simple and yet I have never looked at it in this way before. Are you ready for it?? The answer to those virtues is....

Finding the Perfect Friendship

Deep down we all feel this purpose or calling in our inner most beings, but quite often we can't place it. We feel this yearning, but we may not known what for. Or maybe we already know it's for love, but we don't know with whom. So we go searching...

Why You Are Here Today

My Dearest One, You were made for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). I never makes mistakes. Instead, I saw a need and created you. I placed you here in THIS moment, this era for a purpose (1 Peter 2:9). You have a gift my child. Virtues and talents I have bestowed upon you to use for my glory (1 Peter 4:10). How will you use them?

Is My Anger Righteous?

When this whole quarantine thing started escalating very quickly, I was getting pretty upset about it all. I tried to justify my anger by calling it righteous. Jesus got angry once in the Bible and that was righteous anger (Mark 11:15). So, I told myself that it was okay of me to be angry the sacraments are not at our disposal right now. But is it? Is that really righteous anger??

What Does Jesus Love?

Valentine's day has come and gone. And yes, I ate too much sugar haha. It's national chocolate day to me. 😉 But since love is "in the air" let's talk about it shall we? *cough cough.... "When two people fall in love..." Just kidding we are not going there. haha. Let's go deep instead because why not?

Creating Conversions

What is it that changes hearts? What can transform souls? How do conversions take place? There are so many avenues people take in order to change hearts and souls: books, talks, retreats, websites, videos, blogs, etc. I’m even running this blog in hopes to inspire you to have a mini conversion of striving harder for heaven. 😉 Even though these are all wonderful avenues and it’s important to have resources out there to help people grow in and learn of the faith. They aren’t truly what makes people turn.

Creating True Friendships

Studies show that we become like the five people we hang out the most with.  Who are those people?  Are they helping you become the person you want to be? Holy relationships, a catholic community, is important for us to thrive spiritually. We weren't created to be alone. Yet, what does that holy relationship look like? How can we achieve that with those in our lives?

When You Can’t Find the Sunshine, Be the Sunshine

"Don't wait for things to get better.  Life will always be complicated.  Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you'll run out of time." 

We all long for happiness and we spend our whole life looking for it.  What will make me happy?  What job?  What vocation?  What decision of the two?
Even if the question of happiness is not in the forefront of your mind, deep down that is the root of our choices.  Have you ever found satisfying happiness?

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