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What is Your Conversion Story?

I'm sure many of us have heard those deep testimony's from others. That story when they had a drastic turning point in their life toward their faith and Jesus. Sometimes hearing those stories can leave us a little jealous, wishing we could have that experience too. We think to ourselves, I don't have a testimony. I've just been faithful all my life. My story is boring, if non-existent. But that is not true! Did you know we actually ALL have conversions in our life and you most likely already have?

Life Is like a Dance. What If You Stumble?

I'm not saying I can dance. But... If you put on some good jams, I might be able to bust out some moves. 😉 Okay, maybe ones that look like an energetic seal with those cliche "sprinkler" or "shopping cart" moves, but it's all fun. Just dance like no one's watching and embrace that happy vibe and life's good, right? (because soon no one will be watching... JK ;)) I've never been a dancer or took dance of any sort, yet there's this dance quote that I have liked for a long time...

Finding God Outside of Church

"How great is your name, O Lord our God, through all the earth! ... When I see the heavens, the work of your hands, the moon and the stars which You arranged, what is man that you should keep him in mind, mortal man that you care for him?" Psalm 8 were the words on my heart as I experienced for the first time a week in the mountains. I just recently returned from a Catholic retreat with twenty other young adults of camping in the mountains with a climb to the 14,000ft peak...

What to Do Before Your Time Burns Up

"Time.  Time.  Never enough time."  That is always my excuse.  "Always too busy and never enough time." Why?  Why are there never enough hours in the day for me? There has always been 24 hours in the day.  Countless men... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Story Is a Story About You

Did you know that if you take the time to look deep into the Christmas story, you will see how much it is a story about you?  This is not just a fun tale about characters a couple thousand years... Continue Reading →

The Key to Less Stress

What is the key to a less stressful life?  I learned this the hard way... Ever since school started back in September by life has been chaotically busy.  It's starting to slow down now, but for two and half months... Continue Reading →

Can I Become a Saint?

St. Kizito, St. Maria Goretti, St. Dominic Savio, St. Agnes of Rome, St. Philomena, St. Pedro Calungsod, St. Dymphna, St. Stanislaus Kostka... and the list goes on.  But what makes these people particularly important?  What do these eight Saints have... Continue Reading →

The Lie of Me Before You | Movie Review

Me Before You came out just this past weekend and it is getting lots of attention.  People are saying it's the best romance movie of the summer and many teen girls I'm sure will fall in love with it.  But... Continue Reading →

How to Make Summer Great

Summer is almost here!!  Leaves are turning green, days are getting warmer, and school is almost out!  I'm so excited for ice cream, cold drinks, beaches, bare feet, fresh flowers, warm sunlight, and No School!  There is so much to... Continue Reading →

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