Desiring Heaven



Life Is like a Dance. What If You Stumble?

I'm not saying I can dance. But... If you put on some good jams, I might be able to bust out some moves. 😉 Okay, maybe ones that look like an energetic seal with those cliche "sprinkler" or "shopping cart" moves, but it's all fun. Just dance like no one's watching and embrace that happy vibe and life's good, right? (because soon no one will be watching... JK ;)) I've never been a dancer or took dance of any sort, yet there's this dance quote that I have liked for a long time...

What Do You Choose? Joy?

My first attempt to write this post was a completely scrapped and thrown away. I didn't feel worthy or knowledgeable enough to talk on this topic because I definitely do not have it perfected. However, the other day when I had a failing experience, I realized through prayer that I can still share what I've learned through my continual struggles so that maybe you can learn too. And what I have learned is how to...

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