Desiring Heaven



Love, Joy, Patience, Peace Is Found In …

Today God graced me with such a wonderful revelation!! I have discovered the key my friends!! The key to love, to joy, to peace, to patience. It's all so simple and yet I have never looked at it in this way before. Are you ready for it?? The answer to those virtues is....

When Will Life Be Normal?

When will life be normal again? That's what I keep asking myself. Yet, despite my optimistic anticipation for things to change ... deadlines continually extend. I keep placing my happiness on the end of quarantine and someone to give the a-okay to go back to normal life. As a result, I keep meeting with discouragement when my plans don't follow through. Is this really what God wants from me? To just sit around day in and day out waiting for my so called "normal life" to come back, so I can go back to picking up my normal daily crosses and follow the path I once had laid out to Heaven?

What Does Jesus Love?

Valentine's day has come and gone. And yes, I ate too much sugar haha. It's national chocolate day to me. 😉 But since love is "in the air" let's talk about it shall we? *cough cough.... "When two people fall in love..." Just kidding we are not going there. haha. Let's go deep instead because why not?

Creating Conversions

What is it that changes hearts? What can transform souls? How do conversions take place? There are so many avenues people take in order to change hearts and souls: books, talks, retreats, websites, videos, blogs, etc. I’m even running this blog in hopes to inspire you to have a mini conversion of striving harder for heaven. 😉 Even though these are all wonderful avenues and it’s important to have resources out there to help people grow in and learn of the faith. They aren’t truly what makes people turn.

When You Can’t Find the Sunshine, Be the Sunshine

"Don't wait for things to get better.  Life will always be complicated.  Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you'll run out of time." 

We all long for happiness and we spend our whole life looking for it.  What will make me happy?  What job?  What vocation?  What decision of the two?
Even if the question of happiness is not in the forefront of your mind, deep down that is the root of our choices.  Have you ever found satisfying happiness?

Life Is like a Dance. What If You Stumble?

I'm not saying I can dance. But... If you put on some good jams, I might be able to bust out some moves. 😉 Okay, maybe ones that look like an energetic seal with those cliche "sprinkler" or "shopping cart" moves, but it's all fun. Just dance like no one's watching and embrace that happy vibe and life's good, right? (because soon no one will be watching... JK ;))
I've never been a dancer or took dance of any sort, yet there's this dance quote that I have liked for a long time...

What Do You Choose? Joy?

My first attempt to write this post was a completely scrapped and thrown away. I didn't feel worthy or knowledgeable enough to talk on this topic because I definitely do not have it perfected. However, the other day when I had a failing experience, I realized through prayer that I can still share what I've learned through my continual struggles so that maybe you can learn too. And what I have learned is how to...

Where I Find Joy This Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Jesus is born and the day is finally HERE!!!! ​[insert shimmy​] ;D I hope your season is filled with joy and love as we approach the coming year by welcoming the Light of the World into our hearts. Did... Continue Reading →

A Struggle to Find Joy | My Testimony Part 1

Why do I feel sad? Why do I hurt? Where is this dissatisfaction with life burning in my soul coming from? For the past few months, questions like these have been running through my head. I've been struggling to understand why I've felt empty and forgotten.

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