Desiring Heaven



Why You Are Here Today

My Dearest One, You were made for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). I never makes mistakes. Instead, I saw a need and created you. I placed you here in THIS moment, this era for a purpose (1 Peter 2:9). You have a gift my child. Virtues and talents I have bestowed upon you to use for my glory (1 Peter 4:10). How will you use them?

What Does Jesus Love?

Valentine's day has come and gone. And yes, I ate too much sugar haha. It's national chocolate day to me. 😉 But since love is "in the air" let's talk about it shall we? *cough cough.... "When two people fall in love..." Just kidding we are not going there. haha. Let's go deep instead because why not?

Creating Conversions

What is it that changes hearts? What can transform souls? How do conversions take place? There are so many avenues people take in order to change hearts and souls: books, talks, retreats, websites, videos, blogs, etc. I’m even running this blog in hopes to inspire you to have a mini conversion of striving harder for heaven. 😉 Even though these are all wonderful avenues and it’s important to have resources out there to help people grow in and learn of the faith. They aren’t truly what makes people turn.

Wearing My Jesus Shoes

Chacos!! Or as I sometimes like to call them "Jesus shoes" or "Apostle sandles" because if Jesus was walking around here today I'm sure he would be wearing Chacos. Nevertheless, lately they have been a newfound excitement in my life and I'll have to admit I'll wear them whenever I can...

The Question of My Life | My Testimony Part 2

Raise your hand if you are a disciple of Jesus... Okay put your hand down, that's weird. But do ask yourself, "Am I a disciple of Jesus?" If you answered yes I want to take you on a journey of thought I recently experienced in a homily at Mass.

A Struggle to Find Joy | My Testimony Part 1

Why do I feel sad? Why do I hurt? Where is this dissatisfaction with life burning in my soul coming from? For the past few months, questions like these have been running through my head. I've been struggling to understand why I've felt empty and forgotten.

Burning an Image of Christ on your soul

Look at the three dots in the middle of this picture for 30 seconds.  When that time is up immediately look at a wall or piece of paper.  What do you see?  Hopefully you're getting all excited because you see... Continue Reading →

Why Should I Read the Old Testament?

Through the past few years of my life I didn't care much for reading the Old Testament.  Sometimes I might read about the Flood or Joseph getting brought to Egypt but I knew the stories already and the books I... Continue Reading →

Love’s Forgotten Meaning

Love.  Probably the most overused word in the English language.  We use it for everything.  "I love this cookie."  "I love my phone." "I love my boyfriend/girlfriend."  "I love Jesus."  We use it so much that it has lost its... Continue Reading →

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