Desiring Heaven



Creating True Friendships

Studies show that we become like the five people we hang out the most with.  Who are those people?  Are they helping you become the person you want to be? Holy relationships, a catholic community, is important for us to thrive spiritually. We weren't created to be alone. Yet, what does that holy relationship look like? How can we achieve that with those in our lives?

The Lie of Me Before You | Movie Review

Me Before You came out just this past weekend and it is getting lots of attention.  People are saying it's the best romance movie of the summer and many teen girls I'm sure will fall in love with it.  But... Continue Reading →

Finding Beauty in Little Things

Anything created has a touch of its creator that makes it different from anything else.  If I were to make a batch of cookies and then you used the same recipe to make another batch, the two batches of cookies... Continue Reading →

Your Destiny

Have you ever realized how much our lives are like diamonds?  A diamond, which starts out as carbon dioxide, has to endure intense heat and undergo extreme pressure to turn into its present state.  It has to withstand great hardship... Continue Reading →

So What’s Your Future?

"Do you know what you are going to do when you graduate?"  How many times have you been asked that?  This culture puts so much pressure on teens to have their whole life planned before they graduate: pick a college... Continue Reading →

How to Be Satisfied

Spending cold nights outside the store just to get inside first, physically fighting and shoving just to get the best deal, using up more time in line than the money saved could buy, so many people endure this just to... Continue Reading →

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