Desiring Heaven


desiring heaven

My Past, Present, and Future… What Does It Look Like?

Hello my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ!!! It has been over five years since I started this blog and what a full journey it has been! I started it back in 2015 because I loved writing and my Catholic faith and wanted to share my thoughts, lessons, and journey over the years. You have all been so supportive and positive and I couldn't thank you enough for those who have been around for me through this all!! At this point you may be wondering if this is a goodbye or something. 😉 Not necessarily....

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How to Survive College

This isn't a post on how to graduate because I don't know, haven't done that yet. 😉 I'm sad to say I don't have the key to perfect educational success, but I have discovered how to survive college in the here and now.
How do I handle it all?
During my first year of college, I did some experiments and discovered what helps me to be less stressed, keep my goals and priorities in check, and in the end have a happier, more productive, and peaceful life. And those things are...

How Skipping Ketchup Can Get You to Heaven | Sunday Meditation

Saturday evening I picked up the readings to prepare for Sunday Mass.  A phrase from the second reading of St. Paul to the Colossians really stood out to me and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.... Continue Reading →

Who Are Real Life Superheroes?

Movies and books are filled with men and woman who save the world countless times from disaster.  And they are pretty cool right?  Men or women who can shrink to the size of an ant, fly, shoot webs, control lightning,... Continue Reading →

A Week of Silence and Sacrifice

We have now entered holy week and your probably counting down the days until Easter.  I am.  And dreading the fast on Good Friday.  I hear ya.  We long for happiness and life.  No one enjoys pain.  That is why... Continue Reading →

Am I Ready For Jesus?

School is very time consuming and keeps my life so busy.  Especially this year my schedule has gotten busier and I know it will only continue to increase as I get further into high school.  But even in the midst... Continue Reading →

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