Desiring Heaven



Living Life to the Full

Jesus has risen!  Alleluia!!  The stone over the tomb is broken and the gates of Heaven are open!!  No more death or sadness.  Because of Jesus' Resurrection we now have joy and life within us.  And of course I'm also... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Shelter the Homeless | Year of Mercy

"So as a teenager, I don't really think my parents would give me the authority to just bring a stranger off the street into our home.  So I can't do this right?"  Well not exactly. There are other ways and... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Clothe the Naked | Year of Mercy

"Oh, so you mean go to India and become another Mother Teresa?"  If God is calling you, GREAT!  But I don't think you can ditch school quite yet.  There are still so many people who need to be clothed though. ... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Give Drink to the Thirsty | Year of Mercy

"Hey I'm thirsty many times throughout the day so whenever I give myself a drink that counts right?"  Countless times you have been thirsty, but a drink of water has always been easily accessible.  Whether you just walk across the... Continue Reading →

Corporal Work of Mercy: Feed the Hungry | Year of Mercy

Have you ever been hungry?  So hungry because you haven't eaten in three days?  There are millions of people around the world who don't know where their next meal is going to come from.  They spend each moment just trying... Continue Reading →

A New Year, A New Life

Happy 2016!!  Despite the fact that it's a new year, it feels as if nothing has changed. Except that I now have to learn how to write the date all over again.  I'll probably write 2015 fifteen times before I... Continue Reading →

I Had to Scrape Gum!

That day the thought of having gum disgusted me.  I had completely lost any desire.  Why?  Because My family and I decided to scrape gum off the pews at our church.  Yuck!  Yes, I agree, it wasn't a glamorous job... Continue Reading →

Leaving a Secret Path of Rose Petals

There are many different little acts of kindness that can be done to brighten someone's day.  I've included a list of some of my favorite ideas that I have personally done. Hand out roses (You could stand in front of... Continue Reading →

How a Rose Changed a Life

"When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens, I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth." - St. Therese of Lisieux St. Therese of Lisieux is one of my favorite saints.  Growing... Continue Reading →

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