Desiring Heaven



How to Transform Your Daily Life

I just finished listening to this video and had to share it. It is simple yet powerful in its message. I'm inspired to follow the advice it gives and I'm convinced if I do I could positively transform my daily life.

What is Your Conversion Story?

I'm sure many of us have heard those deep testimony's from others. That story when they had a drastic turning point in their life toward their faith and Jesus.
Sometimes hearing those stories can leave us a little jealous, wishing we could have that experience too. We think to ourselves, I don't have a testimony. I've just been faithful all my life. My story is boring, if non-existent.
But that is not true!
Did you know we actually ALL have conversions in our life and you most likely already have?

How to Survive College

This isn't a post on how to graduate because I don't know, haven't done that yet. 😉 I'm sad to say I don't have the key to perfect educational success, but I have discovered how to survive college in the here and now.
How do I handle it all?
During my first year of college, I did some experiments and discovered what helps me to be less stressed, keep my goals and priorities in check, and in the end have a happier, more productive, and peaceful life. And those things are...

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