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Is My Anger Righteous?

When this whole quarantine thing started escalating very quickly, I was getting pretty upset about it all. I tried to justify my anger by calling it righteous. Jesus got angry once in the Bible and that was righteous anger (Mark 11:15). So, I told myself that it was okay of me to be angry the sacraments are not at our disposal right now. But is it? Is that really righteous anger??

What Church Did Jesus Start? | Apologetic Tidbit #1

"I grew up Catholic but have since joined the Baptist Church.  Does it truly matter what Christian denomination I belong to as long as I love Jesus?  If it does matter, how do I know what church is the true... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry: Adoration

It had been a hot day and it was a relief to step into the cool church.  Dipping my fingers into the cold holy water, I felt a sense of awe and reverence in the air.  That's because when I... Continue Reading →

Why go to Mass?

Getting up for church on a Sunday morning is hard.  Often I would way rather be sleeping than trying to be ready in less than an hour and cheerful at church when I'm still trying to get over my morning... Continue Reading →

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