Desiring Heaven



Where I Find Joy This Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Jesus is born and the day is finally HERE!!!! ​[insert shimmy​] ;D I hope your season is filled with joy and love as we approach the coming year by welcoming the Light of the World into our hearts. Did... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Story Is a Story About You

Did you know that if you take the time to look deep into the Christmas story, you will see how much it is a story about you?  This is not just a fun tale about characters a couple thousand years... Continue Reading →

Christmas Isn’t Over Yet Even Though It’s Dec. 29

Yup it's still going.  December 26 isn't the end of Christmas.  Those twelve days of Christmas actually start on Christmas day and end on Epiphany, the feast of the three wise men.  Christmas isn't over yet even if it looks... Continue Reading →

Am I Ready For Jesus?

School is very time consuming and keeps my life so busy.  Especially this year my schedule has gotten busier and I know it will only continue to increase as I get further into high school.  But even in the midst... Continue Reading →

The Six Powerful Words of Mary

When the angel Gabriel appeared to the young, virgin Mary she was presented with a choice.  A choice that had the potential to change the future of the human race forever.  She had to choose whether or not she wanted... Continue Reading →

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