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2020 Lenten Lessons

Story time!! The first few days of Lent were hard for me. I wasn't used to the drastic change of routine and from the get go I was counting the days till Easter. By day three (yes, day THREE of lent) I felt like a wreck and was questioning whether I put too much on myself for Lent. What was I to do?

My Take On Coronavirus

Since just about everyone has come out with a statement about the coronavirus, I was feeling a little left out and that I should say something too. 😉 But before we go any farther lets all take a moment and scream.... aaaaaahhhhhh.... feel better now? Sweet! Now we can all move on with life with less built up tension. Haha jk. Ahem. *push up the glasses* Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...

What to Replace Our Fasting With

Day 8 and counting! Has anyone else done that? I think I've done it every day. I know haha. Lent has just begun. But am already SO excited for Easter!! How is it going for you? Has it been hard? Or do you hate to admit that Lent came so fast and life is so busy, you've hardly had a chance to even think about Lent?

What Does Jesus Love?

Valentine's day has come and gone. And yes, I ate too much sugar haha. It's national chocolate day to me. 😉 But since love is "in the air" let's talk about it shall we? *cough cough.... "When two people fall in love..." Just kidding we are not going there. haha. Let's go deep instead because why not?

Is Lent Without Chocolate Worth the Trouble?

Lent.  It has come again.  It feels like just yesterday we began to prepare for Jesus' birth with the beginning of Advent and now He has been born and baptized and lost in the temple again! (wait that is just... Continue Reading →

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