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My Testimony in a Podcast

Hello dear friends!! Last week I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on the Vitamin J podcast!! This is a podcast put on by a group of Catholic highschoolers to reach out to more teens and share their faith and love for Christ.

The Garden of Your Soul

Just recently, I stumbled across a children's story I wrote a few years ago. I think my young mind dreamed of publishing it or something haha. Alas, that didn't happen 😉 But thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy!

Beyond Mere Existence… “co-THRIVE”

I was making my normal commute to college for my daily classes, when I ended up behind a car with the bumper sticker "co-exist."
I'm sure we have all see this phrase written in its different religious symbols.  A phrase the American culture has become obsessed with.
As I was staring at the bumper sticker (between looking at the road, don't worry 😉 ), I started realizing how shallow co-existing really is...

What is Your Conversion Story?

I'm sure many of us have heard those deep testimony's from others. That story when they had a drastic turning point in their life toward their faith and Jesus.
Sometimes hearing those stories can leave us a little jealous, wishing we could have that experience too. We think to ourselves, I don't have a testimony. I've just been faithful all my life. My story is boring, if non-existent.
But that is not true!
Did you know we actually ALL have conversions in our life and you most likely already have?

Franciscans Snowboard!?

It was a warm and sunny winter day, perfect for skiing.  I hit the slopes and whipped down the hills all "slick and professional."  Gaining some daring confidence, I headed towards the jumps.  As I was about to lift off... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve Been: Pope Francis, 3,000,000 People, and Walking 75 Miles

I'm back!  Yes, I know I've disappeared for two weeks, but don't worry I'm still alive. 😉  I am very happy to be back again and hopefully you are too!  These past two weeks have been crazy with a whirlwind... Continue Reading →

Why go to Mass?

Getting up for church on a Sunday morning is hard.  Often I would way rather be sleeping than trying to be ready in less than an hour and cheerful at church when I'm still trying to get over my morning... Continue Reading →

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