Desiring Heaven



Why is Modesty Important?

Modesty is hard.  I admit it, staying modestly dressed takes commitment and struggle in this day and age.  I love fashion and really enjoy shopping, but when I put that and modesty together in this culture I’m faced with a... Continue Reading →

Changing the Way I Listened to Music

Have you ever taken the time to truly listen to a piece of music?  You might have listened with your ears, but have you ever listened with your heart?  I have listened to many piano classics before and have also... Continue Reading →

Hummingbird | Everyday Beauty

A quick flash of red and green shimmer catch my eye.  I swing my head around, but stop when I see a little emerald body with a sparkle of sapphire at its throat.  Hovering over my pink and purple morning... Continue Reading →

Finding Beauty in Little Things

Anything created has a touch of its creator that makes it different from anything else.  If I were to make a batch of cookies and then you used the same recipe to make another batch, the two batches of cookies... Continue Reading →

Your Destiny

Have you ever realized how much our lives are like diamonds?  A diamond, which starts out as carbon dioxide, has to endure intense heat and undergo extreme pressure to turn into its present state.  It has to withstand great hardship... Continue Reading →

“My Dear Love…” A Letter from God to His Daughters

Dear precious daughter of mine, Do you know that you are beautiful?  How your smile and laughter brightens up the room you're in?  That when your hands are dirty from serving and your back is exhausted from your cross you... Continue Reading →

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