Desiring Heaven

When Will Life Be Normal?

When will life be normal again? That's what I keep asking myself. Yet, despite my optimistic anticipation for things to change ... deadlines continually extend. I keep placing my happiness on the end of quarantine and someone to give the a-okay to go back to normal life. As a result, I keep meeting with discouragement when my plans don't follow through. Is this really what God wants from me? To just sit around day in and day out waiting for my so called "normal life" to come back, so I can go back to picking up my normal daily crosses and follow the path I once had laid out to Heaven?

The Garden of Your Soul

Just recently, I stumbled across a children's story I wrote a few years ago. I think my young mind dreamed of publishing it or something haha. Alas, that didn't happen 😉 But thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy!

Is My Anger Righteous?

When this whole quarantine thing started escalating very quickly, I was getting pretty upset about it all. I tried to justify my anger by calling it righteous. Jesus got angry once in the Bible and that was righteous anger (Mark 11:15). So, I told myself that it was okay of me to be angry the sacraments are not at our disposal right now. But is it? Is that really righteous anger??

I’ve Found the Eucharist!

What if that is the key to receiving the Eucharist in this time when we cannot physically? Christ gave us the Eucharist to unite with Him here on earth and we are created for this union. But we cannot receive the Eucharist physically at every single moment of our day and in moments of trial and suffering when we long for it the most, like right now, we are unable. We can in a different way....

2020 Lenten Lessons

Story time!! The first few days of Lent were hard for me. I wasn't used to the drastic change of routine and from the get go I was counting the days till Easter. By day three (yes, day THREE of lent) I felt like a wreck and was questioning whether I put too much on myself for Lent. What was I to do?

A Prayer of Trust | Psalm 23

This past Sunday the psalm was one I've heard a hundred times. The Lord is My Shepherd, Psalm 23, is one of the most well known psalms, yet it touched me in a whole new way. Amidst the trials of this life, this is the most beautiful prayer we could pray, filled with trust, hope, and love. And I was inspired to write a prayer based off of it. Hope you can pray it with your whole heart and it will bring you comfort and hope with whatever you are going through.

Where is the Hope?

Every day seems to bring a new step towards seclusion and social distancing in this country. I'll admit that here in the state I'm in, it is very hard to hear everything closing down so fast. Yet, we are called to remain strong in our faith and hope in Christ. And today (actually after a funeral) I was reminded of how much hope we have to us as Christians...

My Take On Coronavirus

Since just about everyone has come out with a statement about the coronavirus, I was feeling a little left out and that I should say something too. 😉 But before we go any farther lets all take a moment and scream.... aaaaaahhhhhh.... feel better now? Sweet! Now we can all move on with life with less built up tension. Haha jk. Ahem. *push up the glasses* Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...

What to Replace Our Fasting With

Day 8 and counting! Has anyone else done that? I think I've done it every day. I know haha. Lent has just begun. But am already SO excited for Easter!! How is it going for you? Has it been hard? Or do you hate to admit that Lent came so fast and life is so busy, you've hardly had a chance to even think about Lent?

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