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The Garden of Your Soul

Just recently, I stumbled across a children's story I wrote a few years ago. I think my young mind dreamed of publishing it or something haha. Alas, that didn't happen 😉 But thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy!

Is My Anger Righteous?

When this whole quarantine thing started escalating very quickly, I was getting pretty upset about it all. I tried to justify my anger by calling it righteous. Jesus got angry once in the Bible and that was righteous anger (Mark 11:15). So, I told myself that it was okay of me to be angry the sacraments are not at our disposal right now. But is it? Is that really righteous anger??

Where is the Hope?

Every day seems to bring a new step towards seclusion and social distancing in this country. I'll admit that here in the state I'm in, it is very hard to hear everything closing down so fast. Yet, we are called to remain strong in our faith and hope in Christ. And today (actually after a funeral) I was reminded of how much hope we have to us as Christians...

My Take On Coronavirus

Since just about everyone has come out with a statement about the coronavirus, I was feeling a little left out and that I should say something too. 😉 But before we go any farther lets all take a moment and scream.... aaaaaahhhhhh.... feel better now? Sweet! Now we can all move on with life with less built up tension. Haha jk. Ahem. *push up the glasses* Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...

Living in the Present with Eyes on the Future

Let's just say hot soup at a movie theater is really nice. Haha. The other night I took my sisters to go see the newest release of Little Women and didn't have time to eat dinner so I brought it with me. The struggle was real though in trying not to make a mess... 😉 Despite the soup struggle, I want to bring to light some struggles shown within this film. The main character Jo from this movie didn't want to grow up and say goodbye to her beautiful childhood. Yet, should she hold on to her past if it was good?

Beyond Mere Existence… “co-THRIVE”

I was making my normal commute to college for my daily classes, when I ended up behind a car with the bumper sticker "co-exist."
I'm sure we have all see this phrase written in its different religious symbols.  A phrase the American culture has become obsessed with.
As I was staring at the bumper sticker (between looking at the road, don't worry 😉 ), I started realizing how shallow co-existing really is...

The Best Songs to Listen To

Ever since a young age, singing and music has been my life for as long as I can remember. I've taken lessons, performed in musicals, participated in choir and lead worship at Mass. Six years old and I was writing songs for the camera (that I'm still teased for to this day 😉 )
But what are my favorite songs?

Why I’ve Decided Not to See Beauty and the Beast 2017 | Movie Review

Ever since Disney announced the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast was in the making, I've been greatly anticipating its release on March 17, 2017. I've always cherished this fairy tale because Belle and the prince fall in... Continue Reading →

A Powerful Audio Revealing the Biggest War in History

"For every BB that strikes, it represents 10,000 lives lost...10,000 lives for every BB...This is the reality of what is occurring in your country." - Peter Heck I strongly urge you to spend a couple minutes listening to this representation... Continue Reading →

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