Desiring Heaven


Apologetic Tidbit Series

How to Transform Your Daily Life

I just finished listening to this video and had to share it. It is simple yet powerful in its message. I'm inspired to follow the advice it gives and I'm convinced if I do I could positively transform my daily life.

What to Do When Someone Takes God’s Name in Vain | Apologetic Tidbit #2

"I just met this wonderful person and have begun to develop a great friendship with him.  However, I've begin to notice how often he takes God's name in vain.  It pains me whenever I hear it.  What should I do?"... Continue Reading →

What Church Did Jesus Start? | Apologetic Tidbit #1

"I grew up Catholic but have since joined the Baptist Church.  Does it truly matter what Christian denomination I belong to as long as I love Jesus?  If it does matter, how do I know what church is the true... Continue Reading →

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