If you have ever prayed for patience, I’m sure you know how dangerous of a prayer it can be. The results are destined to put you in a traffic jam or run you into a difficult person.

Think it is God’s favorite prayer to answer… The enjoyment found giving us opportunities to grow in patience… JK. 😉

Patience is such a beautiful virtue, but quite a hard one to live up to. Yet, it’s one of the first steps to the highest virtue: LOVE.

Jesus told us the highest commandment is love (Matthew 22:37) and the first example St. Paul gave in his breakdown of defining love is

“Love is Patient”
(1 Corinthians 3:4)

So our first step in grasping this infinite virtue of love is through patience.


A strong relationship requires patience from both people, patience with each other’s failures, learning moments, and little quirks that annoy you.

This goes from friends to even family. Especially family. Yes, you can *sigh* with me on how hard that is. 😉

But what is growth without challenge? What is love to the easily lovable?

It is easy for one who lives alone to think they excel in the virtue of love and patience because they are not being tested daily.

Our family and roommates are the fire that refines us.

A good fire though. Lol.

Embrace the opportunities you have at home to grow in love by taking the challenge for patience. If you can with the hardest ones, then you will be able to all the more easily with others.


Usually when we pray for patience, it is towards others. But what about yourself?

How patient are you with your own mistakes?

God calls us to be perfect like our heavenly father is perfect (Matthew 5:48). Sometimes, I can take that too far. I expect perfection out of myself and become scrupulous. I get frustrated when I can’t get something right quickly.

Are we perfect? No. Shockers right? 😉

Praise God in your imperfections because it is an opportunity to show glory to the One who is greater.

Find the thrill in seeing yourself grow and improve! Life would be boring if you were perfect.


As patience is vital in our relationship with others, likewise, it is important in our relationship with God through prayer.

God’s time is not our time and how frustrating it can get when I don’t feel Him answering my prayers quickly. But like mentioned earlier, life is a journey and so is our relationship with God.

It takes time and patience to develop it, even if we wished we were saints tomorrow. Sorry, doesn’t happen that quick. No matter the conversion experience, it still takes time and effort to achieve sainthood.

A quote I love by the poet Rainer Maira Rilke says,

“Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a foreign tongue… The point is to live everything, live the questions now. Perhaps you will gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

Isn’t that such a beautiful perspective? Just meditate on those words for a sec…

It gives me such consolation to remove the stress of the answers and instead live and love the questions of life!!

It makes life so much more of an adventure!

Think if you knew the ending of a mystery book before you started. Where would the suspense and thrill be? The book would be boring. Imagine if we could live life like that, excitement over the anticipation of each bend in the road.

That is what patience with God can look like.

Patience is required to love and God wants most of all for us to love Him.

When you truly love someone, you see past their faults and even in the pain, that love doesn’t change. God sees past your faults and His love never falters.

He calls you to see past your own faults and whatever makes you think you’re not capable of loving Him in return. He won’t rush you, He will wait. You must also be patient with yourself and the journey God wants to take you on in this life.