I think it is time to reflect.

How did the past 3.5 months go?

Good. Hard, but fine. Yes, I agree. But how did you do? How did you handle this trial we were all given?

Could you have done better?

I recently came across a quote that said:

“Character is not revealed when life shows its best side, but when it shows its worst.”

Venerable Fulton Sheen

And golly did life show a bit of “worse” didn’t it! 😉

This quote pushed me to reflect on what was revealed in me… and to be honest, I’m not completely happy with the character I revealed during the hard times.

I was impatient, easily frustrated, negative, ungrateful, and judgemental. It’s easy to be patient when things are going according to plan. It’s easy to be positive and grateful when we’re getting what we want. It’s easy to not judge when we get to make the decisions.

Christ didn’t call us down an easy path.

He ask us to “pick up our cross and follow” Him. It’s the pain and struggles that sanctify us, prepare us for Heaven.

We were given such a glorious opportunity for sanctification recently.

Even if we didn’t respond how we should have, this is a chance to see our true character and what we need to work on.

If you were angry at our leaders, maybe you need to work on prayer and trust in God. If you were impatient with your family, maybe you need to serve them as if they are Christ. If you were negative about everything you didn’t like, maybe you need to work on consciously thanking God for the blessings in your life and the good in others (and appreciate or thank them too 😉 ).

Yet, we can’t tear ourselves down where we failed, but look with hope to where we can improve.

It’s hard to be perfectly prepared for every storm in life as we don’t know what it holds. We can, however, learn from them so we are better prepared for the next one.

We must prepare now. A tree will not sustain a storm with quick attempts to grow roots. It must deepen them overtime and then it will withstand the winds.

We establish our roots in Christ through

  1. Prayer
  2. Practice
  3. Accountability

Christ is our source of life and we can’t grow without the “water” He gives us through prayer. Prayer brings us closer to the source and rejuvenates our soul.

Knowing where you failed is one thing. Learning how to improve is another. But actively practicing that improvement is the key. If we don’t work on our weaknesses, they will remain.

Lastly, accountability keeps us in humble check as we establish roots. Having someone with an unbiased and loving eye can ensure you are growing in the right soil.

The unexpected defines our character. This pandemic was very unexpected.

What did it reveal about your character?

How can you learn and prepare today for the next storm?

“Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.”

Jim Lane Allen