Today God graced me with such a wonderful revelation!!

I have discovered the key my friends!! The key to love, to joy, to peace, to patience. It’s all so simple and yet I have never looked at it in this way before.

Are you ready for it??

The answer to those virtues is….

Daily Prayer!! WOW.

I know right too simple. I’m sure you’ve even heard it a bunch of times.

Pray. Pray. Pray. I mean I even spent the last post talking about it. But wait! Don’t leave yet. Just hear me out. Bear with me. Because this is awesome!

So I learned today that the fruit of prayer is PEACE. Think about it.

When our body is hungry our stomach growls. When our soul is hungry it also growls. We can become grumpy, irritable, annoyed, edgy, etc. It’s like our soul is growling for food. The food which is Christ.

As I spoke about here, our soul longs for Jesus. And we can fill our longing by spending time with him. Without filling our soul with Christ, we will continually be unsatisfied, hungry.

We will not be at peace until we are filled with Christ, until we are united to Him. And this is done through daily prayer. That is why the fruit of prayer is peace!!

It takes patience though. As every relationship. It takes patience to grow a strong relationship and forgive each other’s failings and help each other grow. (Although with God’s relationship it’s more patience for your own failings and growth 😉 ).

But through prayer you will find peace. And with the reward of peace you will strive for patience. Through patience, you will grow with love as 1 Corinthians 13:4 says. And from love will blossom joy!! There it is! All four virtues I mentioned in the beginning.

Just through daily prayer. Daily prayer with action. Not monotone prayer, but the prayer you let infiltrate your life and unite your heart to Christ.

That is the type of prayer we are called to. That is prayer that will bring you peace and transform your day. Transform your life. We won’t be able to help ourselves from pouring forth the love and joy God fills us to others.