What is Heaven? Eternity with Christ. Union with Him for all of time. Time with Christ for eternity!

Like seriously, Heaven is like a hangout with your best friend FOREVER!! How cool is that? Sounds amazing!

Well if He’s your best friend that is… Is He?

I would “say” Jesus is my best friend in a heartbeat, but do my actions prove it?

Do I put the effort in to show Him love and that I care for Him above all else?

Do I give myself to Him? Do I actually spend time with Him?

Because that I think is what a strong friendship, especially one with Christ, boils down to. The time you spend together.

How you will build a friendship with Christ is spending time Him talking, listening, getting to know Him, and sharing your own life, just like you would do with any other friend.

How does that look? It looks like what we tend to call prayer. đŸ˜‰ Yup!

Prayer is simply spending time with Jesus. It sounds simple put that way, right? It doesn’t have to be complicated. He doesn’t want it to be.

He wants to be accessible to us. It just takes a simple effort on our part to enter into it.

In a way, prayer is like practicing or preparing for Heaven. If Heaven is time with Christ for eternity, then prayer is practicing spending time with Him.

What if we don’t want to pray? … How can we say we want to go to Heaven then?

Like I shared in my last post, our relationship with God is the fulfillment we’re looking for in life. Therefore, prayer is key to opening that door.