You are created for love.

A love that is worth far above us because it is given by God. But He has chosen to give it to YOU.

He has chosen to make you worthy of his love.

Deep down we all feel this purpose or calling in our inner most beings, but quite often we can’t place it. We feel this yearning, but we may not known what for. Or maybe we already know it’s for love, but we don’t know with whom.

So we go searching…

Love is not a solo act. It takes two. It takes a relationship.

Even it it’s a one-sided relationship, love still takes a giver and receiver.

Yet, how hard it is to find a true relationship that will fulfill our desire for love. We know it is hard to find, but we are willing to search for it and our first reaction is to look for it in the people around us.

I looked for it in highschool. But I kept getting hurt, discouraged, and disappointed. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled or loved. I was trying to find perfect, selfless love among imperfect people like myself. I’m sure we’ve all done this or still are.

That’s because we haven’t turned to the Perfect Lover that actually created the very love we yearn for. (seems so simple 😉 )

Jesus wants to love you.

He offers you his love time and time again. Will you be the receiver?

Yet, how can we receive his love if we’re full of our own? We must empty ourselves, so we can be filled with His love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately. During the past few months when I wasn’t able to spend time with my friends, I was shown how important my friendship with Christ is. Because that is the relationship that lasts.

Friendships come and go, but our friendship with Christ lasts forever and will bring us the love and fulfillment we long for.

Every time I am disappointed or hurt by others, it has simply become a reminder to run to Jesus and put my strength in Him.

He will never hurt you or disappoint.

He is always there and wants what is best for you.

Don’t ever let go of your friendship with Him because that one is everlasting.