Hello dear friends!!

Last week I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on the Vitamin J podcast!! This is a podcast put on by a group of Catholic highschoolers to reach out to more teens and share their faith and love for Christ.

The host Isaac invited me to share my testimony in their first series on prayer. I had a life-changing moment back in high school and it is deeply connected to prayer. I spoke about my journey in two posts a couple years ago, but this was a beautiful opportunity to tie together those two experiences I had and connect it to the importance of prayer. But I don’t want to spoil it.. 😉

So here is a link to the podcast and I invite you to give them some love! They are a great group of teens on fire for Christ.

Being a podcast I couldn’t go as in depth with my story. But if you are still interested in hearing more, here is a link to my two posts where I share my testimony.

A Struggle to Find Joy | My Testimony Part 1

The Question of My Life | My Testimony Part 2

God be praised in His constant love for us!!