How good God is!

Even in the midst of sin and struggle He has the power to make good come out of it.

He doesn’t make bad things happen. It’s our sin and free will that do that. But He is more powerful than sin and can make good come out of it if we let Him.

In reflecting on all the “things” that are happening lately, I’ve come to see the blessings coming out of it. Not that I’m glad for the hardships, but I am grateful for these six blessings that give purpose to the struggle.

Family Time

One thing I’m sure we’ve all had is a bountiful amount of family time. Even though at times it may be the last thing I desire, it is truly a blessing to get to spend days with my family. Time flies by so fast and usually we are so busy we hardly have time for a family dinner with everyone.

Now we’ve spent so much time together, we don’t know what to do. Haha. However, we have built many memories. I know this won’t last forever and someday I will look back with fondness on the time I got to spend with my family. I really should take more advantage of this chance to build memories with them.

Time to Slow Down

How many times have we wished we weren’t so busy? Many times. Here we are friends… with our very wish granted! What do we want now? Exactly.

This time is really such a blessing to slow down and think and take in the little beauties of life. Since I have so much time on my hands, I get to enjoy everything to a fuller extent than ever before. I’ve been able to spend so much time outside on hikes, enjoying nature. Or read so many books! Think of all the hobbies and projects you could pick up on that you’ve always wanted to do! Most of all this slower pace of life has given me a lot of time to think. I know someday I will wish it back and really should embrace the chance I have.

Discover My Priorities

With all uncertainties and fears on every horizon, I’ve been faced with deciding my priorities. Reality has taught me life is short. Countless times over the past two months I’ve asked myself:

If I were to die tomorrow would I be ready? Am I ready to die? Or are there still things in my life I would change.

Now is that time. With all these chances to slow down and think, I’ve been able to question what is important in my life. Do I want to spend my entire day on the phone? Am I spending a healthy amount of time in prayer? How important is my faith to me?

Taken for Granted

Often we don’t realize how blessed we are until those gifts are taken away.

We’ve all experienced this with social time, our jobs, our freedom, and the sacraments. At first I was really upset to have the sacraments and ability to go to Mass taken away. It still hurts to not have constant access to them, but my love for the Mass and Eucharist has grown through this longing more than I’ve ever felt before! We are blessed to have always had such easy access to the sacraments, when so many people around the world don’t.

I hope I will never take them for granted again. May we all burst with gratitude to God for all the blessings we had and soon will again.

Deepen Relationships

How grateful I am for the friendships in my life. The support and encouragement I’ve received and been able to give to my friends is beautiful. I have been able to deepen relationships to a level I never imagined by working through struggles together and helping each other remain hopeful.

I’ve even felt connected to complete strangers. For the first time in possibly all of history, every person in the world is going through the same struggles. Yes, we are all effected differently, but we are all being affected by the same way. This brings us together. I can pass complete strangers and immediately feel a connection through our eye contact.

All this even wants me to be more friendly to people I pass! Just a simple hello and smile to brighten their day. Because hey! It’s another human being, a child of God, in front of me! Woah! šŸ˜‰

Prepare Me for the Future

At this point you might be like dude what about all the horrible things happening? Yes. It’s hard.

There are many struggles in the midst of these blessings. This isn’t our home. Life here wasn’t made to be easy. However, as Christians our sacrifices can be used for so much GOOD!!! Because they help us and other souls get to Heaven.

Everything has a purpose and helps us grow. Today’s events could be preparing us for something down the road. It amazes me how generous life is with giving me lessons to help me in the future. Constantly, I look back and am grateful for what I went through because it helped me learn lessons for next time and be stronger if it happens again.

We must remain strong. Have Faith, not Fear.

God is always in control and will use this for His Will in your life. He hasn’t abandoned you. Just keep looking for the blessings and His loving hand in your life.

And don’t forget to thank him so you can get even more graces! šŸ˜‰