When will life be normal again?

That’s what I keep asking myself. Yet, despite my optimistic anticipation for things to change … deadlines continually extend.

I keep placing my happiness on the end of quarantine and someone to give the a-okay to go back to normal life. As a result, I keep meeting with discouragement when my plans don’t follow through.

Is this really what God wants from me? To just sit around day in and day out waiting for my so called “normal life” to come back, so I can go back to picking up my normal daily crosses and follow the path I once had laid out to Heaven?

What about the cross in front of me right now? What if my life will never be “normal” again? Will I wait around forever, letting new opportunities to grow and live out God’s Will, slip away?

Every day we are greeted with new challenges, new crosses along the road to Heaven. The past few weeks may be a cross that is harder then we have ever had before. It would be easy to go back to the crosses we are comfortable with at work, school, and balancing a busy social life.

What if God is calling you to pick up the cross that is here in front of you? He won’t leave you. He is always there.

I am sure God doesn’t want us to waste our life away, just waiting for things to get better.

Life will never be normal because this isn’t our normal life. We were created for Heaven, and when we are there, then we will feel normal. Then we will feel better.

Until we reach that point, we must continue to act and hope in the Lord in the present moment. Because that is where God lives.

We can’t base our happiness on the future, because then we will miss our chance to be happy right now. The future will come when it does. All we can do is live in the present and know that God will never leave us.

Even if it doesn’t get better, He will be there to help you carry that cross.

If anything, I have learned one thing through this all and that is even when the world seems uncertain and in turmoil, God will always be a steadfast anchor by my side. Even if I feel alone from a lack of social life, God is a friend that will never leave me.

One thing that will never change, amidst a constantly changing world is God’s love and dedication to YOU.

I don’t think life will ever be normal again. Maybe in a long while it will be, but so much will have happened that we will have grown from the experiences and be different because of it.

Every day we learn and grow. Every day we have the chance to take one step closer to becoming the person God created us to be.

What is God calling you to do right now in the present day? How is he calling you to do His will amidst your current life?

Life is too short to wait around. We must live out His love and hope to those around us.

If we can do that, unite ourselves to hope in Christ, to hope in Heaven, we won’t be dragged down by the bleak future. But living out with JOY the present day, because it is a gift from God and another 24 hours of opportunity to grow closer to Him.