When this whole quarantine thing started escalating very quickly, I was getting pretty upset about it all. I was upset with the choices of our leaders.

It didn’t make sense why we had to take away the sacraments. Why we had to go to such extremes.

I tried to justify my anger by calling it righteous. Jesus got angry once in the Bible and that was righteous anger at those selling and cheating in the temple (Mark 11:15).

So, I told myself that it was okay of me to be angry the sacraments are not at our disposal right now. But is it?

Is that really righteous anger??

Let’s see… What would I do with this anger… complain, be negative, foster ill feelings, complain some more, and potentially harden my heart.

That doesn’t sound very righteous to me.

That can’t be what God wants.

But what does He want? What can I even do in a time like this? What is his will for me right now?

God has a will for us. A chosen path that will lead us to Heaven. Sometimes we give ourselves detours, but He is always there with a lamp to guide us back (Psalm 119:105).

Where does He want to lead us to this time, you may ask? Sorry, I don’t know. 😉 But do you want to join me for the ride? We just have to trust Him.

To trust Him, we have to give him our desires, our heart, our fears.

Yet, if I love Him that shouldn’t be so hard, to give Him all that. If I love Him, then I can trust Him, and I won’t have to fear!

That must be it! His will for me right now. He wants me to love.

We can love Him by loving our family members we are stuck at home with right now.

We can love Him by reaching out and calling someone, who may be lonely. We can love Him by spending that much needed time in prayer or taking the time to pray virtual Mass.

That is how I can love Him Right Now.

That is how I will grow closer to Him. And how important that growth is.

We are becoming so fearful of our physical health, we are losing sight of the gravity of our spiritual health. How is your spiritual health right now? Is it just as clean?

We may feel angry that we can’t have the “resources” we are used to to grow in our faith. It is hard for me not to be.

But is God bound?

Isn’t He all powerful? His graces won’t by obstructed by an internet connection. Only by our closed, distracted, and angry hearts.

So we must continue to LOVE EACH OTHER. Especially those whom we may love the least right now, even those in power.

We must PRAY. Pray for our leaders in decision making authority. It is easy to criticize.

We must HOPE and have FAITH that God is more powerful than a virus and will conquer with a greater good out of all this.

Faith, Hope, and Love.

The three greatest virtues. We can’t lose a hold of them. Let’s reawaken them right now. Especially love, the greatest of these.

Because right now and always, love is the righteous thing to do.