My Lord, my Shepherd,

How I long for You.

There is nothing else I want, but to be gathered in Your arms and brought home. Home to my church. Home to You.

Yet, I know I have strayed far and the journey back will be long and difficult. But I do not fear because You will be with me.

Even if the path looks dark, you will guide me. I feel You by my side and am filled with courage to continue forth.

I look with hope towards the joy and peace that will come at the journey’s end. There will be verdant pastures and restful waters. Once again I will feel my soul refreshed by the bread from Heaven.

I may not understand why we are taking this path I am on right now, but I trust that it is the right one since You are my guide.

For in all things you are glorified.

You have a purpose to Your ways, even if to my limited viewpoint it seems prayers are going unanswered. You may want to use me to create miracles in the lives of others, instead of creating a miracle in my life. For when you anoint my head with the oil of Your love, my soul overflows with love and joy to others.

Your spread of blessings in my life is a chance to share and evangelize with my foes before me. This is a chance to share the hope I find in You with others

Following You does not guarantee a lack of pain and suffering. Actually more, for the path is dark and you carry the lamp only onto my feet. But behind me follows goodness and kindness all the days of my life.

You may not answer my prayer, but you always show up for You are my shepherd and all I need is You . Nothing else I shall want. And I will continue to hope and trust that when the trials are past I can dwell in Your house in Your most Holy Presence for years to come.