Every day seems to bring a new step towards seclusion and social distancing in this country. I’ll admit that here in the state I’m in, it is very hard to hear everything closing down so fast.

We are made for community and it hurts our souls that we are forced to prevent the fulfilling of this desire. We are made for communion with Christ in the Eucharist, and it is heartbreaking for those whom it is taken from.

Yet, we are called to remain strong in our faith and hope in Christ.

And today I was reminded of how much hope we have to us as Christians!

I went to a funeral today and realized how hope-filled the Mass is for a departed soul and the family. As Christians we do not need to be afraid of death because we know there is a much greater happiness waiting for us for eternity.

When someone passes away, we are filled with hope that we will see them again in Heaven and they aren’t experiencing anymore pain or sadness.

We hope that Christ prepares a place for us in Heaven because He conquered death on the cross.

Our faith is filled with HOPE!

Likewise, in this time of crisis, we can be filled with hope that Christ is taking care of us and will conquer.

In every other “small” trial of our life, we turn to Christ in faith that He will keep us close and everything will turn out according to His will.

Isn’t God bigger than a pandemic? Can’t he take care of us even in the midst of this? Won’t His glory conquer?

This life isn’t supposed to be easy. Even if it will get worse before it gets better, we can look with hopeful anticipation towards our heavenly home.

As I said last week, our soul is the most important and as long as we are taking care of that, we need not worry.

God is with us and will not leave us alone.

Yes, it may feel we are alone as the reception of the Eucharist is limited, but we are not! We may be more united than ever as the whole church unites in prayer and sacrificial offering for the world and those affected by the virus.

God is in our midst through this power.

Let’s embrace the faith we call our own and thrive off of hope by keeping our trusting eyes on Christ!

If you’re like me and need a little music motivation to speak to you. 😉 Here is a song that popped in my shuffle play as I was writing this and I felt was perfect!