Since just about everyone has come out with a statement about the coronavirus, I was feeling a little left out and that I should say something too. 😉

But before we go any farther lets all take a moment and scream…. aaaaaahhhhhh…. feel better now? Sweet! Now we can all move on with life with less built up tension. Haha jk.

Ahem. *push up the glasses*

Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

As we all know the coronavirus is spreading across the world. And people are taking great precaution to prevent it.

Most recommend washing hands and staying home. But many think it is better to leave home and go broke on toilet paper. So you’re choice… I’d rather go broke on chocolate if I’m gonna be stuck home… gonna need some pick me ups. 😉

But as we further study the situation we have come up with some different thoughts. With how much stress and focus is put on the coronavirus, imagine if we put so much on the mortalvirus or its subdued form of venialvirus.


Mortalvirus you may ask? Well most people tend to call it mortal sin, but I think virus properly suits the situation for the time being. 😉

Imagine if we put just as much emphasis and education on how to protect ourselves from mortal and venial sin?

This type of virus is WAY more important as it is detrimental to our very soul. We are so concerned about this life and trying to survive this life and not get infected, that we lose sight of the next life. Life for eternity.

Sin is so much more detrimental than any virus could ever be. It hurts in more ways we could ever count, see, or feel. And if you put it that way that’s the scariest virus of all!

Yet, we don’t need to be scared.

God has given us so many healing remedies such as confession, the Eucharist, prayers, and blessings.

“The church is not a museum for saints, but a hospital for sinners.”

And God wants to heal each and every one of us. He is calling you to come to him and receive healing through the holy sacraments.

Yes, the coronavirus is a major newsflash right now and maybe it will become worse beyond imagine. But we must not lose our trust and hope in God through it all and lose sight on what matters the most.

And that is our soul for eternity.