Day 8 and counting! Has anyone else done that? I think I’ve done it every day.

I know. Lent has just begun. But am already SO excited for Easter!! Is dreaming up Easter plans already bad? Haha. It’s good to be excited for Easter.

I think we Christians are blessed to have this Lenten journey to help our excitement and anticipation for Easter to grow so much more.

But a week has already passed since Ash Wednesday and how is it going for you? Has it been hard? Or do you hate to admit that Lent came so fast and life is so busy, you’ve hardly had a chance to even think about Lent?

Well it’s never too late. 😉

Before we get much farther into the season though, and quickly decide to just give up sweets for the rest of it, like every other year before… I want to be intentional with not only what I’m removing from my life this Lent, but also adding.

In an effort this year to come up with a list of things I want to take out of my daily routine, I almost lost sight of what I will add to my daily routine.

We focus so much on giving up stuff, I feel it is easy to forget about the other end of the spectrum.

What will we fill that new space of time or desire with?

If I am giving up TV, what will I do with the extra time I now have by not watching TV? If I just spend it scrolling through social media was that sacrifice truly beneficial?

If I give up chocolate, what will I turn to when I have that craving? If I just binge on snacks did that sacrifice really help me grow closer to God?

It is important that we are being just as intentional with what we are adding as with what we are giving up.

What if I use that extra TV time to say a rosary? What if I do an act of service for another to lift my spirits, when I’m sad and craving chocolate?

Choices like these help our fasting bring us closer to God.

Self-denial helps us realize that our strength is found in God.

By fasting from something in our life, we are letting go of the materials of this world and opening up space for the spiritual world.

Will you take advantage of that opportunity to let God in or just refill it with other materials of this world?

This Lent I want to encourage you to be intentional with what you are giving up for Lent AND filling its place.

“Fasting detaches you from this world. Prayer reattaches you to the next world.” – Venerable Fulton Sheen