What is it that changes hearts?  What can transform souls?  How do conversions take place?

There are so many avenues people take in order to change hearts and souls: books, talks, retreats, websites, videos, blogs, etc.  I’m even running this blog in hopes to inspire you to have a mini conversion of striving harder for heaven. 😉

Even though these are all wonderful avenues and it’s important to have resources out there to help people grow in and learn of the faith.  They aren’t truly what makes people turn.

Conversions happen in relationships.

All throughout high school, we stressed in youth group the importance of building a relationship with Christ.  We can spend all our time learning about Jesus, but nothing will change until there is an encounter with Jesus.

People want to know that you care before they care what you know.

We can’t convert people with the detailed facts of the faith.  It’s through the creation of a relationship with Christ that their hearts are changed.

A relationship is a way in which “two or more things are connected.” 

All the stories of conversions in the Bible, happened when Jesus connected with someone.  The prostitute, he comforted.  The woman at the well, he knew her story.  Mary Magdalene, he called by name.  Peter, he invited to become his best friend. 

Jesus made connections with people, and through the love shared within that connection, that relationship, people were open to hearing the truth and their hearts changed.

How can we be active missionaries in converting the world for Christ?

Connecting with people through the spirit of Christ.

  • Building holy relationships with others.
  • Being a joyful light in people’s lives.
  • Encouraging those around us to be holy through our example.
  • Giving an open ear and generous heart to individuals before us.

Just by being a positive presence to those whom God puts in our lives, you will draw people’s curiosity towards the truth without having to preach anything. 

They will see your joy and be curious of its source

They will feel your love and yearn for more.

Mother Teresa said: Preach the Gospel, and if necessary use words.

Just by being the friend, co-worker, or acquaintance with someone God is calling you to be, you are being a missionary. And when the time is necessary, you can preach the Gospel with words. But first you must show them love.

The reason many people are not pro-life or catholic is because they have not had a true, loving relationship with someone who is.

“How to people convert in our world? Through relationships.”
Fr. Jonathan Meyer

The true and loving friendship you can give someone will give them a glimpse of the relationship they could have with the Christ dwelling within you.  And then you can lead them to him. 😊