Let’s just say hot soup at a movie theater is really nice. Haha. The other night I took my sisters to go see the newest release of Little Women and didn’t have time to eat dinner so I brought it with me. The struggle was real though in trying not to make a mess… 😉

Despite the soup struggle, I want to bring to light some struggles shown within this film that we may find ourselves struggling with in our own life.

The main character, Jo, had such a deep relationship with her sisters and created many great memories with them through childhood. Because of this beautiful life together, it was hard for Jo to let her sisters go.

She didn’t want to grow up, say goodbye to one sister, and see another marry.

Despite her efforts to hold on to childhood, life still moved on without her as we know will happen to us if we do the same. Since Jo was holding to strongly to the past, she was left feeling extremely lonely.

It can be hard to let go of the past, to let ourselves and our relationships change. Yet, if we hold on to what was good, our life will never have the opportunity to get better.

It is thrilling to see what’s behind the car in a glance through the review mirror. Yet, if we drive always looking into the review mirror of our car, we will crash. We won’t see what is coming ahead and hit it head on.

In order to drive we must be present with what is happening within the car, while constantly looking ahead (with a few glances behind).

Likewise, in life we must be live in the present moment, while constantly looking ahead to the future. It’s okay to glance behind us to learn from the past, but we can’t drive forward by only looking behind us.

As us young people say, “adulting” is hard. 😉 Watching friends grow up and move on with their life is hard. But it is all for good!

God has such great plans in store for you (Jeremiah 29:11). To give you “hope and future.” That’s futuristic. God is continually moving us forward, to better future.

He doesn’t hold us back, letting us get weighed down by our past sins.

He calls us to new adventures in each stage of our life. How exciting!

He calls us to grow today, right now. To live in the present while aspiring for the future heavenly greatness of sainthood.