Jesus came into the world because he loved us.

He came to serve us and give of himself physically during his three years of ministry and forever more in the Eucharist.

Even though the birth of Christ was one time in history two thousands years ago, each year we are called to let Christ be born in us.

We are called to welcome Him into the inn of our hearts.  And take up His mission in our lives.

What is that mission?  To LOVE.

We hear it so much, to love one another, that it can sound cliche and lose its deeper meaning.  However, if you actually try to love, it is really hard to do.  But if that is the only task for our mission it seems so simple.

We are called to love each other as Christ loved.  To love with real love.  Love that gives till it hurts.  Agape love.  True altruism.

That is the mission of Christmas.

All throughout the Gospels, when people received Jesus, they went out to love others.

When Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb what was the first thing she did?  She went “in haste” to love and serve her cousin Elizabeth.

When we receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, the priest tells us at the end of Mass to “go forth and spread the good news” to love others with the Christ-like love that is now within us.

Everyone is hungry for love.  Yet, we are too busy or hungry ourselves to notice.  Do you realize how much the people in your life could be starving for love?

This Christmas Christ is bestowing on you the mission of feeding those hungry for love.  He wants to be born in your heart, so that you can take His mission two thousands years ago as your own and pour out His love within you to others.

This may be simply a smile to a stranger, a word of appreciation to a family member, a hug for a friend, or clear reminder to someone of your love.

Will you take Christ’s mission as your own this Christmas?