Don’t wait for things to get better.  Life will always be complicated.  Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you’ll run out of time.”

We all long for happiness and we spend our whole life looking for it.  What will make me happy?  What job?  What vocation?  What decision of the two?

Even if the question of happiness is not in the forefront of our mind, deep down that is the root of our choices.  But have you yet to find satisfying happiness?

In high school, I struggled with priorities and loneliness.  I wanted to be happy, but couldn’t figure out how.

Eventually, Jesus graced me with an eye-opening experience and I realized that my search for happiness lied in Christ.  If give myself to Christ and know He will always be there for me, how can I not live with joy?  When we realize this, our search for happiness will be complete.

Nevertheless, living in this world, I often forget that Jesus is my source of joy.  I think I will find happiness in other things and people.  But when I go searching for this, I am tempted with sadness and loneliness.

Only my friendship with Jesus will fulfill me.

When I live with this thought, I am able to find joy.  Once I find joy for myself, I can then be a light to others.

If I can’t find sunshine in others, instead of falling into self-pity, I can unite to Christ, draw joy from his fount of love, and be sunshine to others.

God calls us to be servants to others and missionaries of joy.  All her life, Mother Teresa struggled to feel joy in her soul.  Yet, she continued to be a joy to those around her even in the struggle.  Because she knew God was still with her and loved her, even if she didn’t feel it, she was able to find joy in that and share it.

We are called to love others and inspire them with the light of Christ.  It can be hard to be a sunshine, but if we are united to Him, He will shine through us and refill the love we sacrificially give to others with His own love.

“Serve the Lord with laughter.” Padre Pio

God loves you so much and fills your life with so many blessings.  Yes, there are struggles, I deal with plenty of them, but every day we have a reason to smile.  Live with Christ and He will live in you, filling you with joy.

And if you are now singing the rhyme “you are my sunshine”… sorry haha