I was making my normal commute to college for my daily classes, when I ended up behind a car with the bumper sticker “co-exist.”

I’m sure we have all see this phrase written in its different religious symbols.  A phrase the American culture has become obsessed with.

I understand how this phrase attempts to send a message of respect and acceptance towards all religions and ways of life.  But as I was staring at the bumper sticker (between looking at the road, don’t worry 😉 ), I started realizing how shallow co-existing really is.

Are we really just supposed to “co-exist”? Just exist among each other and nothing more?

That honestly sounds boring 😉 JK

But are we called to something greater beyond mere existence?  There must be more purpose to our life and interactions with each other than to just “co-exist.”

Then it hit me.  We are called to THRIVE.

Don’t you want to reach for greatness?  Even if you don’t have heavenly Christian goals, everyone wants to at least strive to succeed in this world.  We want to thrive in doing great things.  And as Christians we are called to thrive for spiritual greatness and union with Christ.

Yet how can we do that if we are just doing the bare minimum of existing among each other?

We must work together to challenge each other to grow.  Help each other improve.  Push each other to thrive.

We can’t do this alone.  So instead of co-exist, let’s “co-THRIVE.”

I know that probably sounds cliche 😉 but I don’t want to live my life going through the motions, letting others just exist around me with no acknowledgement.  I want to thrive on this journey to Heaven and I want others to too.

On that aspiring note… I challenge you to push beyond the mediocre of co-existing that this world tells you to do.  Let’s help each other become the best we can be, the person God created us to be.

Let’s co-THRIVE.