Ever since a young age, singing and music has been my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve taken lessons, performed in musicals, participated in choir and lead worship at Mass.  Six years old and I was writing songs for the camera (that I’m still teased for to this day 😉 )

Singing is such a huge joy to my life, I can’t imagine living without it.  Actually I can…

Last year for Lent, I gave up listening to music for the two final weeks.  And I never imagined it would be SO hard!  This abstinence showed me how much music makes me happy and it can actually bring me closer to God if I use it for a holy purpose.

St. Augustine said, “Singing is praying twice.”

I don’t know when I learned this quote, forever ago, but I practically live around it.  If singing is praying twice, why not make my life a musical?  All about efficiency over here right? 😉 JK

However, it is because of this quote, that I listen to Christian music.

I grew up on it because of my parents choice, but now as an adult I choose it myself.

Through high school, it was hard to be the only girl listening to Christian music.  No one knew the songs I listened to and I felt left out because I never knew the latest pop songs.

Because of this struggle, once I graduated, I caved in and listened to a lot of pop culture songs.

My intake of Christian music decreased, and this continual exposure to pop songs began desensitizing me to songs I would have once been uncomfortable with.

Then one day it hit me.

Why am I listening to songs filled with sex, swear, and fake love when all it does it make me feel gross, depressed, and guilty.  These songs don’t lift my soul and definitely don’t bring me closer to Christ.  Shouldn’t everything I do have that goal?

What ever happened to my life quote: Singing is praying twice?

This reality check renewed my conviction and I “reconverted” to Christian music.

I still enjoy Disney, Broadway, some oldies, and a few (good and wholesome) pop songs.  But if I’m going to get a song stuck in my head, I want it to be a praise or prayer to God.  So then I’m praising him over and over again. 😉

When I live with Christian music around me, I am living in an environment of prayer.  I am continually drawing my mind and voice to God without any effort.  Just simply through jamming to some music.

When I share all this awesomeness about Christian music with people, they think the only choice is slow praise and worship hymns.  They tell me it’s boring and they prefer listening to other genres like hip hop, electronic, pop, rock, or rap.  But did you know there are Christian artists with all those genres?

So you can get the music you like, but with a wholesome message!

I feel like a commercial now. Haha.  But there are so many artists out there and I am still finding new artists and songs all the time.

Now that I finished my little ad for Christian music. 😉  I want to challenge you to look into some.  I am sure you will find something you’ll like.  Below I’ve created a list of all the Christian artists I can think of and a few that have Christian songs, but are not considered Christian singers.

Check it out and let me know in the comments if you find any songs you like, already listen to Christian and why, or if you haven’t but are now inspired to this music conversion. 🙂

Christian Artists:
Britt Nicole
Jeremy Camp
Jamie Grace
Matthew West
Capital Kings
Riley Clemmons
Lauren Daigle
Catie Hurst
Family Force 5
For All Seasons
King and Country
Hannah Kerr
I Am They
Laura Story
Love and the Outcome
Riley Clemmons
Stars Go Dim
The Young Escape
Mercy Me
Chris Tomlin
Francesca Battisteli
Kari Jobe
Tauren Wells
Sidewalk Prophets
Brandon Heath
Zach Williams
Danny Gokey
Need to Breath
Tenth Avenue North
Rebecca St. James
Moriah Peters
Philips, Craig, and Dean
Nichole Nordeman
The Afters
Meredith Andrews
Micheal W. Smith
Natalie Grant
Steven Curtis Chapman
Mark Schultz
Amy Grant
Casting Crowns
Third Day
Steven Malcolm

Worship Music:
Elevation Worship
Matt Maher

Has Christian Songs:
Kanye West
Owl City
Apollo LTD