If you have a deep relationship with someone and truly care for them, you feel their joy and pain on a whole new level.  When they are happy and have had a great day, you become happy.  On the flip side, when they are sad or suffering you feel their pain in your own heart.  The love you have for them makes it hurt when you see them suffer and you wish you could take it all away.

Do you have this relationship with Jesus?  What if He is trying to have this same type of deep relationship with you?

When we suffer trials, it can be hard to make sense of them.  Sometimes, my pain doesn’t have reason.  But why the suffering then?

The other day I was thinking: our pain could actually have a very simple reason.

What if Jesus is opening the door to that intimate relationship of letting you take some of His suffering on the cross out of love for Him?

For decades, Mother Teresa experienced intense darkness and suffering in her soul.  It was very difficult for her and she didn’t understand why.  Until a spiritual director told her it was Jesus allowing her to feel the abandonment and lack of love He felt on the cross, so she could empathize and lovingly unite to Him so to satiate His thirst for love.

We all suffer in many forms throughout our life.  Sometimes it is to help us grow, prepare us for some future event, or offer up as a cross.

What if sometimes there isn’t some big reason for the pain, but simply an invitation to love Jesus deeper?

Jesus desires union with us.  He wants that deep relationship I spoke of in the beginning.  He longs for our heart and offers His in return.  His heart that is thirsting for love and burning with pain from the cross, but pain all for you.

He loves you so much He took your suffering upon Himself.  Now in order to gain that relationship with you, He offers His in return.

Do you love Jesus so much you desire to take His suffering?  To relieve His pain like you’d do for a loved one?

The pain you have now or later could simply be a beautiful invitation to unite to Jesus on the cross in an offering of love.