Why do we care so much about what other people think?

“If I post this will everyone like it?”  “What outfit will catch people’s eye?”  “What will people say if I fail this competition/test?”  “Did that question/speech/song sound weird?”

Even if these aren’t the questions you ask yourself, a lot of our decisions and worry stem from a concern about what other people think.

But why do we care?

Is it vital to have everyone in the world like you?  *Disclaimer: that will never happen. Sorry to break that to you. 😉

I find myself worrying over a lot of things, half of which are out of my control.  If I’m worrying about what is in my control that means I am not acting on it because I am wasting my time worrying.  But once I have done what I can, it will then be out of my control.

So if worrying is pointless and unproductive, why do I do it?

Upon deeper reflection, I think I have concluded, the reason I worry is because I am concerned about what others will think of me.  This concern leads me to push for perfectionism, which if I fall short (and that is common 😉 ) leads to personal disappointment because I did not live up to my standards.

Yet, how can I live up to standards I am making humanly impossible and far above the standards God gives us?

So if I need to shoot for God’s standards instead… what if I fail those?

In God’s eyes you are never a failure.

He loves us no matter what.  Even if we fail in our own eyes, we haven’t to Him.  To God, we are just a lost sheep needing guidance towards the path home.  And God loves lost sheep!!! Yay!

If God never sees us as a failure and loves us unconditionally, shouldn’t we do that to ourselves?

It doesn’t matter what other people think, everyone has different opinions and we aren’t created to comply to them.  We are called to swim against the tide towards the source of the stream, Jesus Christ.

God’s vision for our life is the most ideal.  He is always there cheering and pushing us on towards our heavenly goal.  We all have an amazing cheering squad.  It’s a squad of one, but it is the only One we need.

God’s opinion of us is enough.  And luckily it is always overwhelming with love and pride for us.  Yes, we disappoint God when we turn away from his offer to spiritual greatness, but that doesn’t mean the offer disappears.

What if you fail??  Learn and move forward.  God still loves you.  That will never change.

So who cares what other people think.  It’s not worth our time to control what we cannot.  And as for what we think of our self?  If we are trying answer God’s call and trust in His never ending support, we need not be afraid.

Worrying is a struggle which some of us (especially myself) deal with more than others.  Yet, if we place our life trustingly in God’s hands, then hey, He’s got the wheel and we don’t need to worry right? 😉

Please pray for me to live with all this in mind and I will pray for you.  In Jesus we trust.