I’m sure many of us have heard those deep testimony’s from others.  That story when they had a drastic turning point in their life toward their faith and Jesus.

Sometimes hearing those stories can leave us a little jealous, wishing we could have that experience too.  We think to ourselves, I don’t have a testimony.  I’ve just been faithful all my life.  My story is boring, if non-existent.

But that is not true!

Did you know we actually ALL have conversions in our life and you most likely already have?

Not all of us are chosen to experience those grand life moments of transformation, those St. Paul-fall-off-the-horse-moments.  However, God does call each of us to conversion on a smaller level every single day.

Have you ever had that moment when you read something spiritual that struck you and inspired you to change, even if it was small?  That’s a conversion.

Have you ever had a conviction within you to love God more?  Go to Mass?  Spend more time in daily prayer?  Share your faith?  That’s a conversion.

Conversion doesn’t have to consist of going from a horrible, unfaithful life to perfect, on fire love for God and His church.  Conversion is a daily choice for us Christians to be more holy.

Conversion comes from the Latin conversio which means to “turn around.”  And it’s simply that: to turn from one way to another.  This could consist of being more charitable to siblings, more diligent in prayer, or more courageous in living out your faith.

Christianity is centered around conversion because the Bible and Jesus’ message in the Gospels are.  For us who are already faithful, we are continually called to grow, strive towards sainthood, and turn towards God.  Even those who have had a major conversion have to continually turn to God daily for the rest of their lives.

Conversion is never over.

Every day.  Every moment.  God is calling you to turn to him. 

And that is your story!  Your life is your story.  Not just a moment, but every single moment is a witness to your faith and journey to Heaven.  Wow. That is beautiful.

How is God calling you to conversion today?  Will you answer?  Will you turn?