This isn’t a post on how to graduate because I don’t know, haven’t done that yet. 😉  I’m sad to say I don’t have the key to perfect educational success, but I have discovered how to survive college in the here and now.

Most of us have either gone to college, are going, or knows someone who has.  Because of this, I’m sure we can all vouch for college not being easy.  I’m in the middle of a full Softmore’s load while holding a part time job, and some days I think college just gets harder.  That’s not to scare everyone away, but it does lead to question:

How do I handle it all?

During my first year of college, I did some experiments and discovered what helps me to be less stressed, keep my goals and priorities in check, and in the end have a happier, more productive, and peaceful life.  And those things are…

daily Mass, weekly holy hour, and daily prayer.

Okay, before you roll your eyes and think of course that was going to be the punch line, remember this isn’t a how-to-straight-A’s-chat 😉 and hey this is a Catholic blog 😉

but let’s stop and think about it for a moment…

Before starting college, I was not very good at any of those things.  But as I took the next step of owning my life, I wanted to make an effort at keeping my faith first.

So I started going to Mass before my classes and trying to hit a holy hour of adoration once a week.  My main goal in all this was just to stay committed to my faith, since I wasn’t going to school or working with Catholics.

Little did I know the impact it would have on my life and attitude during school and work.

By taking the time to go to Mass before classes, I was able to start my day with God and filled with the grace of the Holy Eucharist.  This made the rest of my day go so much better because my mind had a gentle awakening of focusing on God at Mass before my busy day.

This year it is harder for me to make it to morning Mass, so I go after my classes.  But this has just as many benefits.  It gives me something to look forward to throughout the day and helps me quiet my mind after a crazy day, ending it God.

Weekly holy hour can be difficult to keep up.  Honestly, I struggle more with staying committed to that than Mass because the day I do it, changes every week dependent on my schedule.  But I know I couldn’t have made it through my first year of college without it.

That quiet hour in adoration every week helped pull me away from the stress of school and into the peaceful love of Jesus’ presence.

It rejuvenated my soul and helped me work out whatever troubles I was going through that week.

Life throws so much at us and if we don’t take the time to stop and pray about it, asking for guidance, then we can become too overwhelmed and rash in our decisions.

Finally, daily prayer.  A few Masses and holy hour is wonderful, but there’s nothing like checking in with God every morning or night.  Daily prayer is the KEY to attaining sainthood because it unites us to God, a union we are destined for.

Deep down we desire heaven! 😉  Our soul longs to be united to God.  We were created for this union and it was never intended for sin to break us from it.  Because of that, every moment of our life our soul is thirsting to be filled with God’s love and presence. 

Uniting our souls God in prayer, fulfills that longing, prepares us for that eternal union, and gives us a sense of peace that we can’t find anywhere else.

Our ultimate goal is Heaven and God calls us each down a different path towards that destination.

For some it’s college, others work, others mission life, and still others an immediate vocation to religious or marriage.

However, these tips for surviving college don’t have to be just for school.  In fact, they are the tips for surviving life so that we can one day thrive in eternal life.