I’m not saying I can dance.  But… If you put on some good jams, I might be able to bust out some moves. 😉  Okay, maybe ones that look like an energetic seal with those cliche “sprinkler” or “shopping cart” moves, but it’s all fun.  Just dance like no one’s watching and embrace that happy vibe and life’s good, right? (because soon no one will be watching… JK 😉 )

I’ve never been a dancer or took dance of any sort, yet there’s this dance quote that I have liked for a long time.

“If you stumble make it a part of the dance”

It has always stood out to me.  So much, I’ve even framed it on my desk.  However, this quote to me goes so much deeper and speaks of the dance of life, inspiring me to remove my pride, grow in humility, and be more joyful.

There are so many analogies of life such as a race, book, camera, tapestry, etc. (I’ll let you look up those ones 🙂 ) However, one of the things life is to me is a dance.

A choreographed dance can be extremely complicated.  It has high and low moments, complexities and simplicities, but every move is working together for one overarching purpose.

Life is the same.  Our life is a dance filled with struggles and triumphs and is sometimes stressful and complicated or clear and easy.  Yet, just like a dance, there are stumbles along the way.

When that happens do we let everything come to a screeching halt and get wrapped up in our mistakes and faults?  Or do we immediately get up and let our stumble become part of the dance?

When I read this quote I think of three things: pride, humility, and joy.

Pride.  In life, our mistakes are what shape us into the person we are.  If we learn from our mistakes then we can grow wiser and holier.  When we let go of our pride and learn from the stumbles in our dance, we become more prepared to succeed next time.

Humility.  If we can not only learn from our stumbles, but actually incorporate them into our dance, we are embracing who we truly are.  None of us are perfect.  We all have our faults.  We shouldn’t be afraid of letting them show through in our life’s dance, helping us grow in humility.

Joy.  Life is a dance.  That image itself is a joyful thought of letting our soul dance every day in praise to God.  When we keep on dancing, even with the temptation of allowing our stumbles to get us down, we become more positive in our struggles.  If we have let our mistakes become a part of the dance, then we become grateful for the opportunity to learn.  We begin to see the beauty of what makes us human because it points to a more perfect God.

Every part of a dance is beautiful.  Nevertheless, when you put every step together it is better than it ever was apart.

Likewise, even the stumbles in our dance can be a beautiful thing.  We just need to lower our pride to acknowledge it, grow in humility by learning from it, and find the joy of embracing it, letting it become a part of your dance to eternity.