My first attempt to write this post was a completely scrapped and thrown away.  I didn’t feel worthy or knowledgeable enough to talk on this topic because I definitely do not have it perfected.  However, the other day when I had a failing experience, I realized through prayer that I can still share what I’ve learned through my continual struggles so that maybe you can learn too. And what I have learned is how to


The other day was just one of those not so good days.  Not many things went wrong, but I felt negative, unmotivated, stressed, and for lack of better words “un-joyful.”  I tried to figure out why I felt this way, but besides a few pathetic excuses of things not going perfectly, I couldn’t.  And that was that.

However, as the day progressed I felt myself getting more emotional and potentially mad.  Yet, I was trying to fight the temptation to go down this road.  I kept distracting myself, until I concluded that what I really needed was a rosary walk to find joy.

And *spoiler alert* I DID!!

Walking a couple miles, I let my heart become absorbed by the prayers of the rosary and my senses by the beautiful summer evening.  That day even fell on the “joy”ful mysteries! (how Providential right? 😉 )

I united myself to Mary, let the repetition of the prayers calm me and began thanking God for the beauties we too easily take for granted or busy to notice.  By the end of my walk, the weather had turned and I was caught in a rain storm, but I was laughing.

I had found what I went out to find.  Joy.

There are many ways that can help us to choose joy.  Yet, it all comes down to what works for you.  For me, it is

1. Striving to notice the blessings and joys of life to thank God for
2. Remaining close to him in prayer through Mass and Adoration

When I do this I am filled with the Joy of Christ.

Yet, all in all, it comes down to a CHOICE.  We must choose to be joyful Christians.

“A Christian is never bored or sad. Rather, the one who loves Christ is full of joy and radiates joy.”
Pope Francis

It’s easy to choose to complain, we are all guilty of that.  The real challenge is choosing joy.

Are you up for the challenge?

I’ve been trying to push myself over the past year especially.  When I met my best friend, one of the things I admired about her was how joyful she was.  It seemed that in any situation she was able to find the humor in it and laugh over it.  My personality always struggled with that in being too serious or focused on perfectly controlling my life.  I still struggle, but when I met her I was inspired by her ability to find things “funny” and I wanted that.

I wanted to have more joy in life and all its adventures, no matter the outcome.  I desired to regain my childlike joy that the stress of life seemed to have pulled from me.

So with this inspiration, I decided to CHOOSE JOY.

As I said, in the end it comes down to a choice.  A choice made by you.  The only thing that can control your mood is YOU.  No one else can.  People can make us hurt, cry, and feel sad, but no one can rob us of the joy we have in Christ if we keep a strong hold to Him.

So what are you going to choose?

Will you CHOOSE JOY??