Did you know that if you take the time to look deep into the Christmas story, you will see how much it is a story about you?  This is not just a fun tale about characters a couple thousand years ago, but a living biography about people who had to make choices that you and I make every day.  It is a story that when applied to your life, you will see it become a story about your life.

I challenge you to place yourself in the shoes of each character in this story.  See yourself as the character and view the story through his/her eyes.  Follow the footsteps they take and ask yourself, “Would I have done the same thing?  Do I respond the same way in my daily life?”

Below I have given you a few starting points and questions to meditate on with some of the major roles.  But I encourage you to take this challenge deeper and let God guide you in prayer.  Imagine yourself in this story.  Yes.  But don’t stop there.

Live the story.  Become the characters.  Embrace their holiness.


  • When Mary was called to become the Mother of God she humbly responded, “May it be done to me according to your word.”  Two thousand years ago God called Mary to do something great.  She responded yes.
    Today God is calling me to do something great.  Will I respond yes?
  • As soon as Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit and welcomed Jesus into her womb she went out to serve her cousin Elizabeth.  She could have stayed focused on herself and the great honor God bestowed upon her, but instead she put to action the grace filling her soul.
    I am also filled with the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit, how can I follow Mary’s example and put to action the grace within me?


  • After hearing about Mary’s unexpected conception, Joseph wanted to quietly divorce her.  However, an angel appeared to him and said to take Mary as his wife because the child within Mary was conceived through the Holy Spirit and is the Messiah.  Despite his fears, Joseph obeyed the Lord, trusting in God’s plan.
    Am I trusting God’s plan for my life despite fears and doubts that arise?

Angel Gabriel

  • The Angel Gabriel was sent to bring good tidings to Mary and Joseph.  He told them not to fear because the Messiah is coming.
    What can I do to be like Gabriel and bring joy to those around me?


  • The moment after hearing the Messiah has come, the Shepherds went to glorify and worship Him.  However, they didn’t stop there.  After discovering Jesus, they went out and proclaimed the good news so everyone could hear and have a chance to see and believe.
    Likewise, I shouldn’t be afraid to share the Christian faith I have with others.  God wants me to evangelize to the world and put into action the love I have for Him.  Do I  know someone who needs to hear how Jesus Christ has impacted my life and wants to transform theirs as well?

Three Magi

  • The three magi had everything they physically needed; however, they knew there was something greater and worth leaving everything to pursue.  Despite hard, long days of travel, the three magi persevered until they came upon the one they were looking for: Jesus Christ.  Jesus is more important than anything in the universe even if it means losing friends, fame, and fortune.
    Am I pursuing Christ and Heaven, the ultimate goal, with as much fervor as the three magi?  Can I give up everything to reach the only one who can fulfill me: Jesus?


  • A beacon in the sky.  A light in the night.  A path to The One.  When Jesus’ birth was near, a star lit the way to Christ.
    Are the actions you make every day leading others to Christ?  How can I be a star in the midst of this world and lead others to the light-everlasting?

Holy Spirit

  • Through the Holy Spirit, Mary was filled with grace and Jesus was conceived in her womb.
    How do my words and actions fill people? Do they fill people with love and inspire holiness like the Holy Spirit?



What did you see when you placed placed yourself in the story?  Was there any role that stood out to you personally?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!