Modesty is hard.  I admit it, staying modestly dressed takes commitment and struggle in this day and age.  I love fashion and really enjoy shopping, but when I put that and modesty together in this culture I’m faced with a challenge.  If it’s high in the front it’s low in the back.  If it’s modest on top it’s short on the bottom.  But I have always been taught to be modest by my parents, at retreats, and by the church.  Whatever I wear gets the “yes” or “no” of my parents and I just go with that.  I have always been told what to do…but why?  Why do I have to spend an extra few hours shopping to get that shirt with a neckline 3in higher or that bathing suit that gives more coverage?  What is the point?

I would like to share with you 5 reasons why being modest is so important.  Hopefully you can take these reasons to heart and strive to be more modest because of them.

     1. Helps my brothers in Christ become Saints

When we dress immodestly it draws attention to certain parts of our body that can encourage the notice of men, but in a lustful and unchaste way.  It’s not that we purposefully want to, but without realizing it by wearing this short dress it can encourage thoughts that are not good.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want men thinking about me in that way.  I don’t want to be looked at as a bunch of parts.  You might be thinking “well that’s their problem and they should control it.”  But don’t you want to help them get to heaven too?  I want to help make it easier for men who are trying to be chaste and holy and I want to be seen as I truly am- a priceless daughter of God.

     2. Reveals my true beauty

When we are immodest we show others a physical beauty, but it can stop at just that.  When we are modest we reveal a deeper beauty: the beauty of your soul.  I want to be cherished for who I am as a whole person, not just what people physically see.  Skin is only temporary and someday it will get old, wrinkly, and unattractive.  If someone falls in love with me for what they see then someday they won’t love me anymore.  I want my future spouse to fall in love with me for who I am as a person.  That love will last forever.  When I dress modestly the man that will truly love me for me, will see my true beauty, and not be motivated by only what is temporary.

     3. Show I’m worthy of true love

You are precious and too important to settle for a superficial love.  Modesty helps prevent that from happening.  When I am modest it helps me save my body for my wedding day with my future spouse instead of showing it off to the world.  This ties in with chastity which I talk about here, but modesty in attire and action helps make chastity easier.  Because if I’m immodest I might think, “what’s a bit more?” until it’s too late.  But if I set the boundaries by my attire and action it will help me save myself for my future spouse and encourage a love that is deeper and fuller.

     4. Gives respect to God’s holy temple

“When a woman veils her body with modest clothing, she is not hiding herself from men.  On the contrary, she is revealing her dignity to them.  In much the same way, when God veiled His glory from the Israelites, He taught us a profound truth about Himself.  He is holy.” (Theology of Her Body by Jason Evert pg 6)  If you have been baptized you are a temple of God because you hold the spirit of God within you.  When I veil myself with modest clothing I am telling the world that I am valuable and holy.  So much so that not everyone is worthy of glimpsing my temple, only my future spouse.

     5. Shows confidence and that I know I am beautiful

Modesty shows confidence because you know that you don’t need to wear revealing clothing to make yourself feel beautiful.  You are already beautiful.  When I put on modest clothing I feel confident knowing the shallow beauty that this world says is important with short shorts, revealing cleavage, or bikinis won’t satisfy me, but the way God created me is enough to make me happy.

In creation God saved the height and the best for last and that was a woman.  Women, you are the height of creation.  You are a temple of Christ.  You are beautiful.  You don’t need to be what this world says is “sexy and hot.”  You are a lovely daughter of God just as you are.  If you had valuable diamond you wouldn’t want to just leave it laying in the street would you?  You would want to keep it safe and hidden away, but that doesn’t give it less value because it’s hidden from the world, but actually more value because only few people are worthy of glimpsing it.  You are that valuable diamond.  Your beauty should only be shown to the select few that are worthy of seeing it.  Covering yourself doesn’t make you less valuable. It makes you priceless.  Even if it is hard to be modest, it is worth it.  It can be hard, but it is possible.  I want to be truly loved for me.  I want help my brothers become saints.  I want to reveal my true worth and not distract others from it.  I want to feel confident and powerful enough to stand up for my beliefs.  I want to keep myself priceless.  I want to be modest.  Do you?

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Have you seen any benefits from being modest?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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