As I step outside the warm sunlight kisses my skin and the breeze tousles my hair.  I slip off my sandals and step onto the soft grass.  Rays of gold dance upon the leaves and scattered clouds float across the ocean blue sky.  I wrap my arms around myself and breathe in the fresh air.  A smile reaches my lips. As I walk farther along, a dandelion brushes against my leg as if hoping to be wished upon.  Time flashes back to my young childhood as I pluck the wish and blow it into the air.  Catching the breeze, the seeds fly up to the sky and into the unknown.  I smile enjoying the moment of silence and becoming a little child again without a care in the world.  My feet guide me to a fragrant bush full of lilacs and I reach up to grab a bouquet.  Burying my face into the flowers, I feel the soft petals against my cheeks.  I breathe in the fragrance and lift my eyes.  There are so many promises surrounding me.  Baby plants yearning to grow, flowers hoping to bear fruit, and the earth dreaming of embracing the future days of warm sunlight.  I exhale. I had stopped breathing.  Only minutes have passed since I’ve entered into this realm of splendor, but the time seemed like a moment in eternity.  I saw hope, beauty, and the goodness God put into His creation so that someday you and I could enjoy it.  There is much more beauty to come.  Take the time to enjoy it.  God’s creations reflects His beauty and is a minor glimpse of the beauty in eternity.  Take the time to appreciate the present God has given you.  Embrace the moment.

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