Summer is almost here!!  Leaves are turning green, days are getting warmer, and school is almost out!  I’m so excited for ice cream, cold drinks, beaches, bare feet, fresh flowers, warm sunlight, and No School!  There is so much to do in summer and it always flies by fast.  So fast that sometimes when summer is over I feel like I didn’t do anything I wanted to do and I regret those lazy days on the couch and countless hours on social media or watching videos.  Or my schedule has been so busy that I regret never getting a chance to just slow down and enjoy the warm sun on my deck or water lapping at my feet.  If you can relate to me at all then let’s do something about it and make this summer the best summer ever!

1. Set Goals

What can make summer great is being lazy and not having to do anything.  However this is the time when you finally don’t have to run to sports or do homework, but instead accomplish the things you’ve been wanting to do.  Time to check off those personal goals.  I encourage you to make a list of goals you want to achieve over the next few months and really try to meet them.  It might be going to the beach, walking 5 miles, making ice cream, or building a blanket fort (I know you want to 😉 ).  Trust me I have never regretted making good use of my time.

2. Don’t Forget the Spiritual Battle

I know I’m guilty of it.  I get so caught up in being lazy or tired or so busy that I don’t make time for prayer.  When my life isn’t on a schedule it gets 10 times harder to remember to pray.  When I’m not pushing myself like I do during Lent it gets a lot harder to pray.  This summer let’s not make that mistake.  Let’s take this opportunity of  time off to get to know Jesus more, go to confession or adoration, and become a better person.  Push yourself to grow spiritually so that when school time rolls around again you are a changed person and ready to take on the tests, homework, and drama with Christ and the Saints at your side.

3. Enjoy Life

It’s summer break.  Enjoy the months of warmth and relaxation.  Take the time to relish the moments with your friends and family and also by yourself.  Slow down and look around at God’s beautiful creation He made for you to enjoy.  Many times I forget to just live in the moment because I am too worried about past mistakes or future plans.  I need to learn from my past and plan for the future but not live in either of those times. “Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  That is why it is called the present.”  God has given you the gift of life; don’t waste it.  Make each moment count and each breath worthy of giving praise to God.

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